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What we do


Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Desktop assessments of relevant state and federal databases to identify records or likely occurrence of threatened plants, animals and communities including matters of national environmental significance (MNES)

  • Review of projects against state and federal legislative requirements and local planning schemes to identify required approval pathways.

  • Detailed environmental site assessments to identify values, risks and opportunities for project environmental management.

  • Targeted threatened species surveys to confirm presence/ absence and satisfy relevant legislative requirements and guidelines.

  • Produce reports including recommendations for further studies and project delivery that will ensure timely approval of projects resulting in minimal environmental harm.


Native Vegetation Quality Assessment and Offsets

  • Assessment of native vegetation to be removed, lopped, or destroyed via basic, intermediate, or detailed pathway assessments as required by state guidelines.

  • Habitat hectare assessments to determine vegetation quality.

  • Develop NVIM or EnSym Native Vegetation Removal Reports to determine offset requirements and procure quotes for supply of offsets from native vegetation brokers.

  • Assessment of native vegetation for first part offset sites and development and implementation of offset management plans.


Environmental Management Plans & Construction Environmental Management

  • Development of Environmental Management Plans (EMP’s) to the satisfaction of relevant local, state and federal approvals.

  • On-site construction management services including inspections, audits, inductions, and delivery of reporting obligations.

  • Supervision of works in in areas of sensitivity and monitoring of impacts in line with key performance indicators.


Flora and Fauna Survey, Monitoring and Management

  • Design and conduct flora and fauna surveys in accordance with best practice methodologies including procurement of relevant licenses, permits and management authorisations.

  • Fauna spotter/ catcher and on-site zoologist services to supervise clearing of vegetation.

  • Design and implement management interventions to enhance habitat and mitigate environmental impacts on local species/ populations.

  • Monitor, evaluate and report on wildlife management activities and outcomes.

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